An independent school with a tradition of academic excellence and an outdoor focus
located in Huntsville, Ontario - 705.789.5890


Welcome to Tawingo College
Tawingo CollegeWe are a small, co-ed Independent Day School located in Huntsville, Muskoka for Kindergarten through to Grade 8. We have all-day Kindergarten five days a week. Our campus spans the entire 270 acres of Camp Tawingo with full access to all its facilities. Students enjoy swimming and canoeing on the beautiful shores of Lake Vernon, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing on the extensive trails as well as getting the full benefit from the playing fields and recreational courts.

3The class sizes are deliberately small so that our teachers can foster the unique strengths of every single student. There are frequent activities throughout the year where the entire school participates, giving our students a true appreciation for being part of a team. All of our students, from every grade, spend time playing, working and reading together, creating natural leadership opportunities.

Tawingo College is proud to announce the launch of our new OUTDOOR KINDERGARTEN Program! Outdoor Kindergarten (or Forest Kindergarten) has been in practice in Europe since the 1950's and has been steadily growing in popularity in North America. The philosophy at the core of Outdoor Kindergarten is the belief that children are happiest, healthiest, and most open to learning opportunities when they are outside interacting with nature. Children in this program spend at least half of every day outside! All of our students in ALL grades spend a great deal of time outside.

Our 10,000 square foot academic building, Laughton Hall, provides a warm and welcoming venue for formal, traditional learning. Each classroom is spacious, suffused with natural light and equipped with modern classroom facilities. The spectacular setting creates an environment of calm where learning happens naturally. Our students are held to a high academic standard in an environment where they thrive. The teachers know the students extremely well and have a precise understanding of exactly how much they can expect from each student and in turn, each student strives to do their best.

Our facilities include a cutting edge computer lab with all new computers for the 2011/2012 school year, a Science lab and an Art studio.

Tawingo CollegeThe Tawingo College faculty are certified teachers with a strong commitment to teaching the whole child and utilizing the wide range of both traditional and non-traditional educational resources which Tawingo College has to offer. Our teachers bring to Tawingo College so much more than simple qualifications. They enthusiastically share, with patience and respect, their passion for the outdoors, art, music, scientific curiosity, drama, and languages. Each of our teachers love teaching and whole-heartedly embrace our philosophy - to educate children for life.

Much of what we believe and practice at Tawingo College is reflected in this article by Chrstine Gross-Loh: Read article.